Axe Type Store Price Street Price
Bronze 16 coins (Bob's Axes - 1 coin) 1-50 gp
Iron 56 coins (Bob's Axes - 1 coin) 100-200 gp
Steel 200 coins (Bob's Axes - 1 coin) 250-500 gp

660 coins

Black Not sold in stores 15-30k
Adamant 1,625 coins 20-30k
Rune Not sold in stores 100-200k 20/01/13
Dragon Not sold in stores Not in game
Log type Store price Street price Updated
Normal 5-30  20/01/13
Achey unknown
Oak 10-50  20/01/13
Willow 30-50  20/01/13
Teak Unknown
Maple 50-100   20/01/13
Hollow unknown
Mahogany (Bark) unknown
Yew 200-280   20/01/13
Magic 800-1200   20/01/13

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