Store Price Street Price Last updated
Rune essence 20-40 19/01/2013
Pure essence 40-50  19/01/2013
Air Rune 10-20 coins 19/01/2013
Water Rune
Earth Rune
Fire Rune
Mind Rune 25 coins 19/01/2013
Chaos Rune 180 19/01/2013
Death Rune 300-400 19/01/2013
Blood Rune 500 19/01/2013
Law Rune 200-400 (And commonly 1k for small amounts) 19/01/2013
Nature Rune 400-450 coins The forums 4/1/2013
Cosmic Rune
Body Rune
Soul Rune
Dust Rune
Lava Rune
Mist Rune
Mud Rune
Smoke Rune
Steam Rune

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