Store Price

Street Prices

Last updated
Rune med helm 19,200 gp 10-40k 24/01/2013
Rune full helm Not sold 150k 19/01/2013
Rune chainbody 50,000 gp 200-400k 24/01/2013
Rune platebody

65,500 gp

1-5m 19/01/2013
Rune platelegs 64,000 gp 500-750k 19/01/2013
Rune plateskirt 64,000 gp 400-500k 24/01/2013
Rune sq shield Unknown 100-120k 24/01/2013
Rune kiteshield Unknown 500-1m 24/01/2013
Rune boots Unknown

Rune weaponsEdit

Name Store Price Street Price Updateed
Rune sword 20,800 gp 175k 19/01/2013
Rune longsword 32,000 gp 150k 19/01/2013
Rune scimitar Unknown 200k 19/01/2013
Rune dagger 8,000 gp 5-10k 19/01/2013
Rune battleaxe Not sold 200-250k 19/01/2013
Rune warhammer 41,000 gp 200k 19/01/2013
Rune mace 14,400 gp x
Rune spear Unknown x
Rune two-handed sword 40,000 gp x
Rune halberd 128,000 gp x
Rune axe 5,120 gp 200k 19/01/2013
Rune pickaxe 32,000 gp 30k 19/01/2013
Rune claws Unknown X

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