Magic armourEdit

Name Shop price Street price Updated
Wizard robes (top) (black,blue and gold trim) 3k, Unknown 19/01/2013
Wizard robes {bottom} (black,blue and gold trim) 3k, Unknown 19/01/2013
Wizard boots 3m 19/01/2013
Wizard Hat (Blue, black and gold trim) 2-5m 19/01/2013
Farseer helm
Mystic hat
Mystic boots
Mystic gloves
Mystic robe top
Mystic robe bottoms
Splitbark helm
Splitbark gloves
Splitbark boots
Splitbark body
Splitbark legs
Infinity hat
infinity top
Infinity bottoms
Infinity gloves
Infinity boots

For barrrows armour prices see: Barrows equipment


item Store price Street price Updated
Ancient Staff
Air staff/ Air battlestaff 1500/? 1-2k/ 20/01/13
Water staff/ Water battlestaff 1500/ 1-2k/ 20/01/13
Earth staff/ Earth battlestaff 1500/ 1-2k/ 20/01/13
Fire staff/ Fire battlestaff 1500/ 1-2k/ 20/01/13

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