Karil's ArmourEdit

Item Price
Karil's coif
Karil's top
Karil's skirt
Karil's crossbow

Torag's armourEdit

Item Price
Torag's helm
Torag's platebody
Torag's platelegs
Torag's hammers

Dharok's armourEdit

Item Price
Dharok's Helm
Dharok's Platebody
Dharok's Platelegs
Dharok's Greataxe

Ahrim armourEdit

Item Price
Ahrim's hood
Ahrim's staff
Ahrim's robe top
Ahrim's robe skirt

Guthans armourEdit

Item Price
Guthan's helm
Guthan's spear
Guthan's platebody
Guthan's platelegs

Verac armourEdit

Item Price
Verac's helm
Verac's brassard
Verac's plateskirt
Verac's flail

main articleEdit

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